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The BIG Reason

Music, opinions, and portfolio of Mark Eagleton, musician and web developer in Northern CA.


This is where I tell you what I really think. This website doesn’t support comments by design, that is what your blog is for!

  1. The repaired neck heel of my double bass
  2. Collage of 15 album covers
  3. I Joined Another Band

    Well, I recently got myself joined up with another bluegrass band. I’m not really one to go joining bands all willy nilly. I have a good track record of sticking around in bands for a long time, so it’s important to me that everyone is easy-going, but takes professionalism as seriously as I do. And of course they need to be, you know, good. The folks in Red Dog Ash check those boxes for me.

  4. Sorta Surviving album cover

    New Music Tuesday: Tim Bluhm, Sorta Surviving draft

    Tim Bluhm is probably the closest thing we have to a “father of country music” in Northern California. I know. It’s weird to give that title to someone so young (not to mention someone arguably better known in rock music circles), but if you think about the history of country music in California, practically all of it was written in the southern portion of the state. As far as Northern California is concerned, there has never been a country artist so thoroughly rooted—lyrically and geographically—in the better half of our state than Bluhm.

  5. Collage of 24 album covers

    Best Albums of 2018

    I know I’m a little late to the game with my album picks this year, but 2018 was just so rich with amazing new music that I couldn’t just poop this out all willy nilly. Unlike other folks with their best album lists, I believe in waiting a few weeks after the new year to let all the late releases settle in with me. And it’s a good thing I did, as a few late December releases made my list!

  6. Robbie Fulks And Linda Gail Lewis - Wild! Wild! Wild! album cover
  7. Daniel Romano Human Touch and Nerveless Album Covers
  8. 22 album covers
  9. New Country to Be album cover
  10. The Brother Brothers Tugboats E.P. album cover
  11. Dick Curless, Welcome to My World album cover
  12. Artist, album, and song stats 2016
  13. K&K Bass Master Preamp

    Curse of the Clicky

    I have been on a quest for the perfect double bass preamp for years. There are a lot of options, but almost nothing properly suited for a slap player who wants a clicky but doesn’t want to strap a giant metal box to their tailpiece or their waist. 

  14. Luke Bell album cover.
  15. Daniel Romano Mosey album cover
  16. Righteous Girl cover image
  17. Orchids and Violence album cover
  18. I’d Be Astonished If I Were Amused album cover
  19. Coulda Shoulda Woulda album cover