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Top Music of 2017

Misophonia is king as I discover the soothing powers of north-western grindcore, and new records by Daniel Romano and Thy Art Is Murder make an impression. hasn’t updated my Last.year page yet. That link will likely update once the new data is out. Feel free to take a peak at my previous most listened to posts, too:

My top artists for 2017

Rank Artist Plays
1 ↑ Daniel Romano 619
2 The Drip 334
3 Anaal Nathrakh 317
4 Behemoth 218
5 ↓ Thy Art Is Murder 214
6 Sam Outlaw 192
7 → Bad Religion 178
8 Clutch 159
9 Belphegor 152
10 Aversions Crown 151

I am not surprised to see Daniel Romano at the top of this list. What I am surprised to see is only 619 scrobbles! It’s nice to see a few other familiar faces up here. Thy Art Is Murder drops down two spots to #5 and Bad Religion holds steady at #7.

My top albums for 2017

Rank Artist — Album Plays
1 The Drip — The Haunting Fear Of Inevitability 346
2 ↑ Anaal Nathrakh — The Whole of the Law 317
3 Daniel Romano — Modern Pressure 235
4 Behemoth — The Satanist 218
5 Aversions Crown — Xenocide 151
6 Sam Outlaw — Tenderheart 139
7 ↓ Ghost — Meliora 131
8 Thy Art Is Murder — Dear Desolation 130
9 Full of Hell — Trumpeting Ecstasy 128
10 Daniel Romano — If I’ve Only One Time Askin’ 126

Again, we have some holdouts from 2016. The Whole of the Law by Anaal Nathrakh is still a favorite at work. I also had to revisit Meliora by Ghost a few times, as they had a few new releases this year that made me want to go back to this gem, including a live record just a few weeks ago.

The only artist to make the list twice this year is Daniel Romano. This year he bested his best record, “If I’ve Only One Time Askin’” with “Modern Pressure.”

My top songs for 2017

Rank Artist — Song Plays
1 Anaal Nathrakh — Depravity Favours the Bold 32
2 Anaal Nathrakh — Hold Your Children Close and Pray for Oblivion 31
3 The Drip — Painted Ram 29
4 Anaal Nathrakh — We Will Fucking Kill You 29
5 Anaal Nathrakh — …So We Can Die Happy 28
6 Anaal Nathrakh — And You Will Beg for Our Secrets 28
7 Behemoth — Blow Your Trumpets Gabriel 28
8 The Drip — Gruesome Poetics 28
9 The Drip — Anathema 27
10 The Drip — Blackest Evocation 27

Being an album guy, my top songs list isn’t all that interesting. These pretty much reflect the song order of my top albums. It is sort of interesting to see how they intersect, I guess.

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