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The BIG Reason

Music, opinions, and portfolio of Mark Eagleton, musician and web developer in Northern CA.


This is where I tell you what I really think. This website doesn’t support comments by design, that is what your blog is for!

  1. Mesa Walkabout amp chassis on a work bench
  2. Bottom Dwellers receive a cake on stage at their 20th anniversary party
  3. On Having Guns

    I don’t believe citizens should be allowed to have guns. Not to buy, not to inherit, not to have in any capacity. Because efforts to sufficiently regulate them in the United States have been unsuccessful, I think applying a severe social stigma to having one might be the most effective option at this point.

  4. Screen capture of a Rational Funk episode with Dave King pointing at the camera holding a drumstick. The caption, “And that’s how you get the gig.” appears at the bottom of the image.

    How I Manage A Busy Gig Schedule

    I played 100 shows last year, and I’m on track to play at least that many again this year. These aren’t back-to-back touring shows with the same band every night. There is no tour manager, itinerary, or even a single set list to memorize. This is by far the busiest I have ever been, and it’s really quite challenging to manage a schedule like this. I get asked quite frequently how I do it. This is the answer.

  5. A lone pink puzzle piece lays in the street with the photographer’s feet at the bottom of the frame.
  6. Album cover for Kassi Valazza Knows Nothing, depicting Kassi Valazza sitting in a field of wildflowers playing an acoustic guitar

    New Music Tuesday: Kassi Valazza, Kassi Valazza Knows Nothing

    Starved for live music during the pandemic, Kristyn and I stumbled upon Kassi Valazza one evening as we desperately scoured social media to find artists streaming online. We were instantly lost in the somber, delicate delivery of her songs, punctuated by the most tastefully haunting electric guitar. It would be three more years before we got the chance to catch her live.

  7. A custom-built guitar tube amp on a workbench powered on

    I Built A Guitar Amplifier From Scratch

    I’ve been studying the art of tube amplifier design for about ten years now, and actually repairing them for about five. I love analizing schematics, pouring over the inside of an amp chassis, and studying the layout choices made by the designer. It was only a matter of time before I took a crack at it myself. That time finally came.  

  8. Stygian Bough performing on stage

    Bell Witch Canceled

    Bell Witch has been one of my favorite bands since I discovered them some six years ago. Seeing them live has been a huge priority for me. They came through my area a few times prior to the pandemic, but each time, I was booked myself. And then there was the pandemic, of course.

  9. Julianna Riolino All Blue album cover
  10. Annotated aerial view of the County Fair Mall in Woodland, CA.

    The Continuing Downward Spiral of My Commute

    Longtime visitors to my website will remember that I once worked my ass off to land a job in the town where I live that was only an 8-minute bike ride from my house. That job moved to a neighboring city at the start of the pandemic, and has been the cause of much turmoil ever since.

  11. The Target Distribution Center in Woodland, CA is HUGE!

    I was looking up some directions the other day and couldn’t help but notice the footprint of our local Target Distribution Center. It’s HUGE! After a quick scan of the surrounding area, I determined that not only is it the largest building in town, but the largest in the county, and the greater Sacramento area as a whole.

  12. Pedalboard on workbench with a tuner, A/B box, boost pedal and bass preamp
  13. The True Cost of My Commute

    I got sucked into a Twitter thread this week via Madeleine Bonsma-Fisher (@mbonsma) that referenced a Mr. Money Mustache article entitled The True Cost of Commuting. I hadn’t seen this article before, but as someone who regularly sweats the details over how much of my life (and wallet) my commute costs, it found it soberingly gratifying. It’s been a while since I revisited this topic, and a lot has changed since then. We’re due for an update, I think.

  14. Rob Weychert on ProPublica’s Article Layout Framework

    Rob Weychert, a Philadelphia-based designer/web developer I’ve been following for decades goes deep on the article layout framework he put developed for ProPublica:

    Our articles are built on an underlying grid structure, which varies depending on the size of the reader’s device or browser window. On most mobile phones, the layout is based on a narrow four-column grid. On a tablet, it might be six or eight columns. And in a large desktop browser window, there’s enough room for 14 columns, the largest version of the grid.


    We’ve built all of these layout options into our content management system so they don’t require our producers to have any coding skills to use them. But for code-savvy power users who want to extend the system, it’s built with Column Setter, the open-source tool we developed for grid-based editorial design. We recently updated it with a variety of new features.

    As someone who has to revisit this exact issue periodically, it’s really cool to get a behind-the-scenes glimpse of how it works at one of your favorite news publications, and to hear one of your heroes go deep on fundamentals like this.

  15. Broken DC in jack on StroboStomp tuner
  16. Modded K&K preamp on top of amplifier
  17. The repaired neck heel of my double bass
  18. Crack in the heal of a double bass neck joint


    I dropped my bass the other night. It was in its heavily-padded bag, but it took a pretty solid hit to the back of the scroll on the cement. The glue line at neck joint is cracked, and the heal cap is splintered a bit, but it still holds tension. I can’t move the neck even when the string tension off, so I don’t think it’s super bad, but I plan to have it checked out before I play it again.

  19. Tremolo effects unit
  20. Members of Floss with some close friends


    I lost and old friend this week. We hadn’t been very close for quite a while—the last time I even spoke to him was a few years ago now. He was a pretty important person in my life for a good decade or so, though. Since funerals and celebrations of life aren’t really an option during a pandemic, I sort of feel the need to say a few nice things about a guy who frustrated, hurt, and offended, but also loved a lot of people. And a lot of people loved him back. To me, he was a compassionate and genuine friend.