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Living a low-car lifestyle prioritizes getting around by bike, walking, riding public transit, and making the car an occasional option instead of an everyday necessity.

  1. Annotated aerial view of the County Fair Mall in Woodland, CA.

    The Continuing Downward Spiral of My Commute

    Longtime visitors to my website will remember that I once worked my ass off to land a job in the town where I live that was only an 8-minute bike ride from my house. That job moved to a neighboring city at the start of the pandemic, and has been the cause of much turmoil ever since.

  2. The True Cost of My Commute

    I got sucked into a Twitter thread this week via Madeleine Bonsma-Fisher (@mbonsma) that referenced a Mr. Money Mustache article entitled The True Cost of Commuting. I hadn’t seen this article before, but as someone who regularly sweats the details over how much of my life (and wallet) my commute costs, it found it soberingly gratifying. It’s been a while since I revisited this topic, and a lot has changed since then. We’re due for an update, I think.

  3. Selfie in commute mask and bike helmet
  4. A Real Commute

    My office is moving to another city and my commute is going to drastically change. For drivers, this move will be fairly trivial. For low-car folks like me, it poses some significant challenges.

  5. Bikeyface Bike Creep panel
  6. Key ring on stainless steel table

    Two Thousand Twelve

    Last year at this time, you may recall, I had parted ways with ground(ctrl) to take a full time position with my last remaining freelance client. I speculated the change would optimize my life in many ways. It would reduce my commute from 2 hours per day to 12 minutes per day, eliminate my freelance workload, and make cycling my primary mode of transportation. So, how is it going? In one word: badicle!

  7. Key ring with keys

    I Totally Quit My Job

    About a month ago, I tendered my resignation at ground(ctrl). The experience has been surreal. I contributed a good portion of my life to the cause there. While I’m extremely proud of the team we assembled and what we were able to accomplish in five short years, it has been a relief to have a few weeks off to reflect and decompress without the pressure of what has to be done when I get back.