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The BIG Reason

Music, opinions, and portfolio of Mark Eagleton, musician and web developer in Northern CA.


I’ve been recording music since 1986. Here are some of the more recent releases I have appeared on.

  1. Fireside album cover

    Geoff Miller and the Rockin’ Two

    by Geoff Miller and the Rockin’ Two

    Genre: rockabilly

    Released: October 15, 2023

    I play double bass on track 6: Caravan (my good buddy, Matt Dudman plays bass on the rest of the record).

  2. Fireside album cover


    by Bottom Dwellers

    Genre: americana

    Released: October 14, 2022

    I play double bass and electric bass on this Bottom Dwellers album. I also took the photograph on the cover and did the design and layout of the album.

  3. The Bottom Dwellers album cover
  4. Blue Grass Style album cover
  5. I’d Be Astonished If I Were Amused album cover
  6. Deep on the Line album cover
  7. Heavy Traffic Ahead / I Hear a Sweet Voice Calling album cover
  8. It’s Opry Time album cover
  9. Honkabilly Western Garage album cover
  10. Think I Need A Drink album cover
  11. Twang Americana album cover
  12. Stupid World album cover
  13. America, America album cover
  14. Moving album cover