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Street Date is Friday. This is when new music releases come out. I go through all of them and review the best one on the following Tuesday, which is when Street Date used to be before digital music and streaming was a thing. This is sort of my homage to those good old days.

  1. Album cover for Kassi Valazza Knows Nothing, depicting Kassi Valazza sitting in a field of wildflowers playing an acoustic guitar

    New Music Tuesday: Kassi Valazza, Kassi Valazza Knows Nothing

    Starved for live music during the pandemic, Kristyn and I stumbled upon Kassi Valazza one evening as we desperately scoured social media to find artists streaming online. We were instantly lost in the somber, delicate delivery of her songs, punctuated by the most tastefully haunting electric guitar. It would be three more years before we got the chance to catch her live.

  2. Julianna Riolino All Blue album cover
  3. Collage of 15 album covers
  4. Collage of 24 album covers

    Best Albums of 2018

    I know I’m a little late to the game with my album picks this year, but 2018 was just so rich with amazing new music that I couldn’t just poop this out all willy nilly. Unlike other folks with their best album lists, I believe in waiting a few weeks after the new year to let all the late releases settle in with me. And it’s a good thing I did, as a few late December releases made my list!

  5. Aaron Lee Tasjan’s Karma for Cheap in Apple Music
  6. Robbie Fulks And Linda Gail Lewis - Wild! Wild! Wild! album cover
  7. Daniel Romano Human Touch and Nerveless Album Covers
  8. New Country to Be album cover
  9. The Brother Brothers Tugboats E.P. album cover
  10. My Bones Hold a Stillness album cover
  11. Luke Bell album cover.
  12. Daniel Romano Mosey album cover
  13. Psychic Warfare album cover
  14. OYLS Maps single cover

    New Music Tuesday: OLYS, Maps

    Every week I try to find something new and interesting that is also a bit outside my wheel house. (Obviously, some weeks are more of a struggle than others.) I was tipped of to OLYS new single last week, and found myself spinning it quite a bit. As wheelhouses go, this fits fairly snuggly outside of mine.

  15. Instructions album cover

    New Music Tuesday: HECK, Instructions

    I have to apologize, I’ve been sitting on this one for a few weeks. But you know what? This amazing Instructions record I found those few weeks ago has been in regular rotation in my iTunes. Actually, loop is probably a more appropriate word. It is so good that it has eclipsed all new releases for me for the past two weeks!

  16. Righteous Girl cover image
  17. Orchids and Violence album cover
  18. Songs in the Key of Animals album cover