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Psychic Warfare album cover

Clutch’s Psychic Warfare Finally Hits Streaming Music Channels

Released October 2, 2015, Psychic Warfare was available in iTunes, Amazon and other digital music stores, but conspicuously absent from the streaming music channels like Apple Music, Spotify and Pandora. Streamers, your wait is now over.

Clutch is one of my longest-standing favorite bands. I may have mentioned this a few times on this website. They are blue collar, working class musicians (kind of like me!). They are my age. They write to my sensibilities. Rock music really doesn’t get better than this in my book. It was difficult for me to wait this one out, but I have a family to support and my music addiction has to be strictly managed with my Apple Music prescription subscription.

I assume the band was holding this release back from the streaming channels to maximize their profits, but being in a band that abides by the traditional model myself, I was curious as to the specific thought process that went into this decision. I attempted to contact them via email a few times, but never heard back.

Clutch records take some time to process. From the few spins I’ve given Psychic Warfare today, the biggest thing sticking out to me so far is the incredible bass tone on “Your Love Is Incarceration.” Makes me want to pick up the slab again.

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