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Music, opinions, and portfolio of Mark Eagleton, musician and web developer in Northern CA.

Top Music of 2019

This data is taken from my account, and mostly reflects my private listening at work. This may more accurately reflect my personal preferences, though, as it is what I chose to listen to without being influenced by other people. My taste in metal seems to be getting more extreme.

As of this writing, hasn’t updated my Last.year page yet. This link should update once the new data is out. My previous most listened to posts can be found here:

My top artists for 2019

Rank Artist Plays
1 Venom Prison 258
2 Altarage 255
3 Infant Annihilator 205
Thy Art is Murder 183
5 ↑ Abnormality 175
Charley Crockett 172
7 ↓ Daniel Romano 166
8 Paul Cauthen 123
9 Full of Hell 120
10 Rammstein 120

Only two repeats from last year. I guess that shows what a strong  year for new releases it was. I was lucky enough to see three of these artists live this year, too: Thy Art is Murder, Charley Crockett (twice), and Paul Cauthen. Paul Cauthen was the best show of the year.

My top albums for 2019

Rank Artist — Album Plays
1 Altarage — The Approaching Roar 235
2 Infant Annihilator — The Battle of Yaldabaoth 175
3 Venom Prison — Samsara 158
4 Abnormality — Sociopathic Constructs 145
5 Thy Art is Murder — Human Target 137
6 Rammstein — Rammstein 120
7 ↑ Behemoth — I Loved You at Your Darkest 106
8 Vincent Neil Emerson — Fried Chicken & Evil Women 92
9 Full of Hell — Weeping Choir 87
10 Tim Bluhm — Sorta Surviving 87

Extreme metal dominates my album listening this year. Altarage and Infant Annihilator are quite an interesting pair. The former has an almost atmospheric sound, in the way a rumbling machine of rage can sound atmospheric. Infant Annihilator, on the other hand are very tongue in cheek, and extremely precise in their virtuosity (there is quite a bit of debate as to whether or not drummer Aaron Kitcher is actually able to pull off the super-human drumming on their recordings).

My top songs for 2019

I’m skipping this list this year. Because I’m an album person, a top songs list only includes the tracks of your most played album, usually in the order they appear on the record. This year it was pretty much the new Altarage record in that order.

Stay tuned for my best albums of 2019. This list is different than the above lists, as it reflects what I think were the best albums, rather than what I litended to the most. It gives more equal footing to records that came out later in the year, with those that came out earlier.

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