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Top Music Of 2015

What I listened to the most this year

My scrobbler was half cocked this year. I dove into Apple Music which doesn’t scrobble streaming music, but I think this is still an accurate representation of my listening for the year.

The artist, and album links in the ranking tables below are Amazon affilate links that will give me a kickback to help support this website. Links in the play column link to stats on where you can stream them via Spotify. 

My top artists for 2015

Rank Artist Plays
1 Bad Religion 558
2 Matt Kresling 520
3 Ween 512
4 Leigh Nash 376
5 Thy Art Is Murder 376
6 Daniel Romano 370
7 Pinback 322
8 Black Breath 289
9 Clutch 238
10 Malfunction 222

Some new artists have started to show up in my top tens! I do see some familiar faces, but the Apple Music subscription seems to have really added some diversity to my listening habbits—much of which are heavily influenced by misophonia complications.

My top albums for 2015

Rank Artist — Album Plays
1 Leigh Nash — The State I’m In 376
2 Matt Kresling — 2 337
3 Pinback — Autumn Of The Seraphs 300
4 Daniel Romano — If I’ve Only One Time Askin’ 247
5 Black Breath — Heavy Breathing 236
6 Thy Art Is Murder — Hate 236
7 Bad Religion — Against the Grain 230
8 Malfunction — Fear of Failure 222
9 Ghost — Meliora 212
10 Bad Religion — The Empire Strikes First 203

This is where things get really interesting. This past September I started writing album reviews. Writing these reviews has done more to expose me to new music than a streaming subscription alone. The fact that my top album for the year came from one of these reviews shows that this is definately something I should be focusing more attention on. Leigh Nash’s The State I’m In is a fantastic country record. The fact that it came out in late September, 2015 and took my top album spot by such a large margin says all that needs to be said about what a great record it is.

My top songs for 2015

Rank Artist — Song Plays
1 Leigh Nash — Cruel Heart 56
2 Matt Kresling — Church of Summer 37
3 Leigh Nash — Chicago 37
4 Matt Kresling — Our Turn Beneath the Wheel 35
5 Leigh Nash — Somebody’s Yesterday 34
6 Leigh Nash — Spider and the Moth 33
7 Pinback — From Nothing To Nowhere 32
8 Pinback — Walters 32
9 Black Breath — Black Sin (Spit On the Cross) 32
10 Matt Kresling — Let Your Hair Go Gray 32

Yes, Cruel Heart is my favorite track on the record. It even inspired me to write a waltz number on my ukulele!

This year I really fell hard for Matt Kresling as well. He has been a staple in my library for years, but I finally got sucked into the Madagascar Journals which inspired me to hyper-indulge in is second record.

2015 was a good year for music, and I look forward to going deeper this year.