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Top Music of 2018

As with last year, this largely reflects my music listening at work. These lists tend to be more metal-heavy as this is where I do most of my headphone listening.

As of this writing, hasn’t updated my Last.year page yet. This link should update once the new data is out. My previous most listened to posts can be found here:

My top artists for 2018

Rank Artist Plays
Meshuggah 465
2 ↓ Daniel Romano 266
3 Soreption 256
4 ↓ Anaal Nathrakh 247
Ghost 196
6 ↓ Behemoth 168
7 ↑ Clutch 150
8 Robbie Fulks 134
9 Abnormality 121
10 Code Orange 116

Despite releasing four albums this year, Daniel Romano drops one spot to number two! What happened? I finally got to see Meshuggah live, that’s what. And at a small venue! Code Orange opened, it was better than I could have imagined.

Abnormality is an interesting one. Their album, “Mechanisms of Omniscience” came out in 2016. Not sure why this made a resurgance this year, but it is a really good record. As a feminist, I love when such a brutal tech death band is fronted by a woman. As a dude, I feel lame for bringing that up.

My top albums for 2018

Rank Artist — Album Plays
1 Soreption — Monument of the End 240
Meshuggah — The Violent Sleep Of Reason 166
3 ↑ Ghost — Prequelle 151
4 Clutch — Book of Bad Decisions 147
5 Abnormality — Mechanisms of Omniscience 121
6 ↓ Anaal Nathrakh — The Whole of the Law 106
The Dean Ween Group — Rock2 104
8 ↓ Daniel Romano — NERVELESS 103
9 ↓ Behemoth — I Loved You at Your Darkest 97
10 Daniel Romano — HUMAN TOUCH 97

It was a great year for new releases! Clutch, Ghost, Anaal Nathrakh, Daniel Romano, and Behemoth—so many of my all-time favorite bands with new releases. And a new artist tops the list this year! More on Soreption below.

Of note again this year, Daniel Romano makes two appearances. Last January he released two new records on the same day for a limited time (they are no longer avaiable online). We should probably keep our eyes peeled on his bandcamps (danielromano and danielromanomusic) for the next few months.

My top songs for 2018

Rank Artist — Song Plays
1 Soreption — Children of the Automaton 33
2 Soreption — King of Undisputed Nonsense 33
3 Soreption — Nothingness Becoming 33
4 Soreption — The Anti-Present 33
5 Soreption — Architects of the Apocalypse 31
6 Soreption — A Mimic’s Ignorance 28
7 Soreption — Virulent Well 25
8 Soreption — The Entity 24
9 Meshuggah — Clockworks 20
10 Ghost — Rats 19

So… Soreption is a tech death metal band from Sweden I discovered this year. Their new album dropped during a particularly stressful time for me, and stress hightens misophonia rage. When your new tech death ablum lives at the top of my recently added list during crunch time, you dominate my top ten lists. This isn’t to say that I don’t love this record, but “Monument of the End” does fill more of a thereputic roll than a desert island necessity.

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