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Artist, album, and song stats 2016

Top Music of 2016

As you may already know, I have been scrobbling all of my music plays to for the past 10 years. This year, has a new report called Last.year that does all my homework for me! I have still recorded the usual stats below for future proofing.

I had some trouble scrobbling again this year. The scrobbler I was using at the beginning of the year stopped reporting Apple Music plays for tracks that weren’t downloaded to my library at some point. I switched to Silicio in September, and everything has been running smoothly ever since. I’m not sure exactly how long my previous scrobbler was broken before I realized it, though.

My top artists for 2016

Rank Atist Plays
1 Dale Watson 632
2 Thy Art Is Murder 525
3 Ghost B.C. 421
4 Daniel Romano 401
5 Whitechapel 396
6 Ween 325
7 Bad Religion 295
8 HECK 285
9 Within Destruction 242
10 Michael Daves 239

I am very happy to see Dale Watson at the top of this list. I have always felt my top artist lists really jive with what I think I liked the most in a given year. Data often tells a different story.

My top albums for 2016

Rank Artist—Album Plays
1 Ghost—Meliora 416
2 Dale Watson—Live at the Big T Roadhouse, Chicken Shit Bingo Sunday 388
3 Thy Art Is Murder—Hate 352
4 HECK—Instructions 285
5 Within Destruction—Void 242
6 Michael Daves—Orchids and Violence 239
7 Anaal Nathrakh—The Whole of the Law 197
8 Daniel Romano—Mosey 174
9 Thy Art Is Murder—Holy War 173
10 Ween—All Request Live 168

You may recognize some of these albums from my new music Tuesday posts. Making yourself write about new music really does open your eyes to new suff. Don’t get stuck in your 20s!

Anaal Nathrakh is a new one that is really growing on me. I found it during a pretty severe Misophonia period. The holidays are not a good time for me. This record is super noisy, angry, and a little silly. I do recommend checking it out of you like extreme metal.

My top songs for 2016

Rank Artist—Song Plays
1 Ghost—From the Pinnacle to the Pit 63
2 Ghost—Spirit 53
3 Ghost—Cirice 47
4 Agoraphobic Nosebleed—Not A Daughter 44
5 Ghost—Spöksonat 44
6 Ghost—He Is 43
7 Thy Art Is Murder—Immolation 41
8 Thy Art Is Murder—Infinite Forms 41
9 Thy Art Is Murder—Reign of Darkness 37
10 Thy Art Is Murder—The Purest Strain of Hate 37

Ghost gets a lot of plays because I have a soft spot for Satanic music. Thy Art Is Murder was in heavy Misophonia rotation for a good part of the year.

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