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  1. Pokémausoleum

    Today the cemetery Kristyn and I visit on our power-walks was teaming with Pokémon Go players. We usually see one or two people, or sometimes a car or two—barring the occasional funeral. Today we counted at least 30 people and as many as 15 cars, all with smart phones in hand. It was surreal, not unlike this episode of Star Trek TNG, The Game.

  2. Pardon This

    A trend I have noticed trickling down from the executive world over the past few years is to include the following sentence in your email signature:

    Please excuse any typos, sent from my iPhone.

    Hmm… Please excuse my bluntness, but with all due respect, computers are pocket-sized now. It’s probably time to adapt.

  3. My Bass Rig 2016

    Mesa Walkabout bass amp, King Moretone double bass, and K&K preamp

    The Upright Bass Players Union is one of the few reasons I keep a Facebook account. It’s an awesome group of working class rockabilly and honky tonk players who share tips and talk a lot of shit. Amplifying the double bass isn’t easy, so it is incredibly helpful to see such a diverse range of rigs and setups. I think I have some pretty unique things going on in my rig, so I thought I should share it with the group. I like to own my mojo, though, so I’m posting it here as well.

  4. New Music Tuesday: OLYS, Maps

    OYLS Maps single cover

    Every week I try to find something new and interesting that is also a bit outside my wheel house. (Obviously, some weeks are more of a struggle than others.) I was tipped of to OLYS new single last week, and found myself spinning it quite a bit. As wheelhouses go, this fits fairly snuggly outside of mine.