1. America, America Rerelease

    America, America album cover

    Today another one of my solo EPs is available in all the digital music stores. America, America was written, recorded and released on June 6, 2000.

  2. Don’t Fear the Soprano

    I picked up the ukulele some years back because I wanted an instrument I could bring places with me more easily than I can my double bass. I’ve gotten pretty into it, and recently had a custom instrument built for me. When you have the opportunity to completly spec something out, you really explore the possibilities and form some opinions. Believe me, I have some opinions. But first, some background.

  3. I’d Be Astonished If I Were Amused

    I’d Be Astonished If I Were Amused album cover

    In which I also played bass some ukulele, and sang some harmonies. This was my first time recording music in many years. Many. As in, before people really used computers to do it at home. This was released last September, so I thought it was about time I mentioned it here.

  4. Top Music Of 2015

    My scrobbler was half cocked this year. I dove into Apple Music which doesn’t scrobble streaming music, but I think this is still an accurate representation of my listening for the year.

  5. New Music Tuesday: Drug Cabin, Wiggle Room

    Drug Cabin Wiggle Room album cover

    My wife found this record over the weekend. She has a keen eye for wicked shit. I’m not sure how she stumbled upon this one, but I lit up as soon as she did. Drug Cabin’s Wiggle Room is like Ween made a whole record of all psychedelic songs. I consider myself pretty much the biggest Ween fan there is, so this is really saying something. The best part is that this is actually their second album this year, so it’s like Ween made two records of all psychedelic songs!