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  1. Battle for the Net

    Save the internet

    Net neutrality is good. It means all websites on the internet get the same bandwidth. loads as fast as The new FCC Chairman plans to overturn regulations that keep the internet neutral and allow internet providers (telecoms ie. Comcast, Charter, AT&T, Verizon, etc.) to charge more money for increased bandwidth. It also has some very ominous implications for free speech.

  2. Stock U-Lock Mounts Can Ride Side Saddle

    Frame real estate is very limited. On the surface, it may look like your options for mounting your u-lock with the bracket it came with are too. Here’s a pro-tip for mounting your u-lock you may have missed.

  3. Red Light Runner Pro-Tip

    Arial photo of two intersections prone to red light runners in Woodland, CA

    Minutes ago, I nearly bought the farm from a red light runner. I see them frequently, and always keep my eyes open. What didn’t “click” for me until today was that when one vehicle runs a light, the chances of a second coming from the same direction are very high.

  4. Loudness Is Not A Factor For Misophonia Trigger Sounds

    Selective Sounds Sensitivity Syndrome awareness bracelet

    The Newcastle Paper is really riding the news cycle. Pretty much every post to /r/misophonia this past week has been an article about the study. That is awesome! However, I feel I need to point out a common misconception I see repeated in many of these articles—especially by those who suffer from Misophonia: that loudness is a factor for trigger sounds. It is not, and I think saying otherwise can cause avoidable hardships down the line.