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Stupid World album cover

Stupid World Rerelease

A few years ago, I was inspired to publish some of my older music on the newer music channels. First I rereleased Moving, a 7 song EP I wrote, recorded, and released one day in May, 2000. Today my EP Stupid World is available on iTunes, Spotify, Apple Music, Amazon, and wherever fine digital music is sold.

I initially released Moving as an experiment to see if it would be cost effective to release my old music digitally. It isn’t—at least not yet. But I was reminded the other day that cost effectiveness wasn’t the reason I recorded all of this music in the first place.

I suppose a single, longer playing (LP?) anthology would have been more lucrative than rereleasing all my old EPs individually, but this kind of strips them of their original intent. Being that each one of them was written and recorded in a single day, each one is sort of a snapshot in time with its own theme. Besides, I’m an album guy. I prefer hearing things in context. I would have regretted releasing these any other way.

I chose Stupid World this time around, because I like the bass solos. I was going through a Kim Gordon thing.

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