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I originally released this music on CDRs which, as it turns out, only last 10 years before they break down and become unplayable, unreadable, unscannable. Don’t fret! Simply contact M.e. for a code to get high-quality digital copies for free.

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M.e. - lo-fi, coffee-powered rock-n-roll

In 1997, I started writing lots of music and recording it on my Tascam Portastudios (4 and 8 track cassette recorders). Most of it sounds like a cross between Pavement and They Might Be Giants. By the Fall of 2000, I had 9 EPs. These are those recordings.

  1. The Big Reason

    The Big Reason

    Released 1997

    The stream of conscious pop music experiment that started it all. These songs were written, recorded and mixed in six hours.

    1. Birthday Fine
    2. Double Nickles
    3. Demonbeast
    4. Raining Outside
    5. Funky Town
    6. Hit The Road
    7. No Time Away
  2. Left Alone

    Left Alone

    Released 1999

    After the stream of conscious thing, I was feeling a little less experimental. All the drums are fake.

    1. Smile
    2. The Whole World Says Hello
    3. Raise Your Guitar
    4. Interrupting Me
    5. Superstar
    6. There’s Feeling
    7. Soul And Fire
    8. Stay
    9. Operator
    10. Time And Space Collide
    11. Laughing
    12. Sarah
    13. Lesbian Lovers
    14. Sandbags
    15. The Way
    16. My Final Thoughts
  3. Favorites


    Released April 2000

    I was playing solo at bars and coffee shops, and my friend Kepi had just released a cassette of recordings on his acoustic guitar. I enjoyed that tape a lot, so I thought I would make my own. This is a collection of my favorite songs to play at the time.

    1. Two Worlds
    2. Raining Outside
    3. Birthday Fine
    4. Courier Pickup
    5. No Time Away
    6. Superstar
    7. Piece Of Dirt
  4. Moving


    Released May 2000

    An unusual number of my friends moved away the month I recorded this. I wrote these songs about their experiences.

    1. The Loneliest Quiet
    2. I’m Not Sad
    3. Why Can’t I Just Be Around
    4. I Am Gone
    5. How My Day Was
    6. Begin Again
    7. Kings

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  5. I’m Gonna Put My Evil Inside You

    Murderers - I’m Gunna Put My Evil Inside You. A Definite Crime Against All That Is Good. God help us all, each and every one of us …

    Released June 2000

    This album was made because I really needed to hear the songs in this UCB sketch.

    1. Pucker And Buckle
    2. Double Parent Homicide
    3. Abortion Eater
    4. Rape
    5. Who’s Gonna Crap In My Eye
    6. Doin’ Cats Doggie Style
    7. Dead Body Date
  6. For Johns

    For Johns

    Released July 2000

    I like They Might Be Giants. I also like quite a few people named John. This EP is a tribute to them.

    1. I Blame You
    2. I’ve Got A Match
    3. Road Movie To Berlin
    4. Piece Of Dirt
    5. Ana Ng
  7. America America

    America, America

    Released August June 2000

    My friend Stephan brought me back this crazy electric instrument from Thailand. I immediately wrote these songs for it. Also, yes. I appear to have predicted 9/11.

    1. Hi Miss America
    2. The Way You Are
    3. Dreaming
    4. Valerie
    5. Needs
  8. Bye Bye Bright Eyes

    Bye Bye Bright Eyes

    Released September 2000

    Stephan and I had a friend named Neil who was going through a difficult time with his fiancé. He and Stephan were writing lots of letters back and forth. I made his into songs. Trivia: all the guitar is acoustic.

    1. Really
    2. Old Blue
    3. Racing Stripes And Fire
    4. It’ll Be Iowa
    5. Love The World
  9. Stupid World

    Stupid World

    Released October 2000

    Bass solos. This record is about bass solos. And there are about 3 of them. There are also some anti-religious undertones. I was going through some shit.

    1. Said Words
    2. Just Let Them Be
    3. Three Gospels
    4. Normal Like Me
    5. Making No Mistakes
  10. Truck


    Released June 2001

    Andrew of and used to write really great songs. He did this trilogy about a truck driving robot that was super clever, but the recording was very noisy and cut out at some points. I decided to cover it myself so I could have a cleaned up version to listen to. At some point I decided to put a few other songs about trucks on there, too. “Big Trucks” is a Pedro the Lion song. “Courier Pickup” is my own, but a different version than the one from The Big Reason.

    1. Big Trucks
    2. Courier Pickup
    3. Orlando
    4. The Misunderstanding
    5. A Day At The Beach