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Music, opinions, and portfolio of Mark Eagleton, musician and web developer in Northern CA.

Nugget Markets home page

Nugget Markets Website

I finally got around to a complete rebuild of the Nugget Markets website. My previous build launched in 2008 and was a freelance project. I have since been hired by the company as a full time web developer in their marketing department. I have been champin’ at the bit to rebuild this website for years!


Me! Design, programming, build, even some photography. Ivan Sohrakoff was the art director. 


This website is powered by one of the most robust content management systems I have ever built. We have a staff of about 30 people contributing content to it in the form of blog articles, recipes, events, contests, one-off landing pages, as well as tools to plan and publish our weekly ad items.

The website is fully responsive and has a location aware aisle listing feature that guests can use in the store on their mobile phones. This is maintained by store level associates and our reset team in real time.