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Lindsey Buckingham home page
Just a simple site for Lindsey Buckingham to post some news, photos, and video.

Lindsey Buckingham Temp Site

Lindsey Buckingham is best known as the lead guitarist and vocalist of Fleetwood Mac. He also has a healthy collection of solo albums under his belt. Now he’s partnering up with ground(ctrl) to help manage some of his web presence.

Jennie dropped me a little nugget on my schedule last Thursday; a little news page for Lindsey Buckingham. Obviously, one of the coolest perks of this job is getting to work projects with music legends.

Besides a little CSS trickiness with the pseudo-fluid layout, there isn’t anything too special going on here. This is just a quick way to to get some news, videos and photos up one the web. More features will indeed come down the road.


Anthony Ordonez design, Jennie Quan - project management, me - CSS HTML Javascript.