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Kobe Bryant home page

Kobe Bryant Fanclub

Kobe Bryant is an NBA superstar that plays for the Los Angeles Lakers. He was voted MVP for 2007-08 season. Kobe’s management team called ground(ctrl) to set up a website that would provide a more personal means to connect to his fans.


Michael Holz is the project director for this one. Greg Patterson did the design and I handled the XHTML and CSS build. This site is hosted on the ground(ctrl) platform built and maintained by Robert Reinhard, Brent Scheffler, and myself. I handled the the usual XHTML and CSS. Robert Reinhard is responsible for the Flash content.



As with all ground(ctrl) powered sites, this system is a fully featured social network that promotes communication between fans and artists. Visitors can befriend one another as well as communicate with the band via a public commenting system, private messaging, and forums. The site is also a full featured website that allows the artists and their management team to blog, post news articles, photos, video, tour dates, host contests and run grass roots street team promotions. There is also a store where visitors can purchase tickets, digital downloads, and merchandise.

In addition to the usual ground(ctrl) features, this site also features a custom media player that allows us to easily promote special events and new products.

Check it out: