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Bottom Dwellers home page for desktop

What do you look like? What do you sound like? Where are you playing next?

The Bottom Dwellers Website

The Bottom Dwellers are an Americana band, based in Yolo county. They have been playing around Northern California since 2003—mostly smaller venues, private events, and the occasional opening slot for a touring acts like the late Billy Joe Shaver, and Dale Watson. Full disclosure: I am a member of this band.

Mobile pages of the Bottom Dwellers website

All of the public-facing pages of the Bottom Dwellers website, and a bonus private rehearsals page that no one else gets to see!

This website is designed to be lean and mean. It’s a conglomeration of everthing I have learned from making artist websites for the past 18 years. The band doesn’t tour, but they do gig, write, and rehearse regularly. The website is optimized to function as their electronic press kit, discography, and event calendar. It also has a lot of features under the hood to help the band manage setlists, charts, and hiring guest performers.


The website features an events calendar, complete discography with a custom audio player, and a contact page that mostly functions as their EPK. The website is also where the band keeps a lot of their charts, which helps them create setlists and bring guest performers up to speed on tunes. The band also records their weekly rehearsals and uploads them to a private section of the website where they can review ideas and track changes to songs over time. They can also share these recordings with guest musicians. There is a CMS to manage events, song charts, and the email list. Because I administer the website myself, the CMS is only used for content that is frequently updated.


Design, development and project management by your’s truly.