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Me, all dressed up with no where to go

Baltimore Oriole

Hoagy Carmichael has always been a huge favorite of mine. A legendary songwriter, and under-rated performer. I have always been a sucker for songwriters performing their own songs. Hoagy is at the top of my list.

I took this arangement from my official Hoagy Charmichael songbook and reworked it for ukulele. Hoagy is known for his difficult songs. Stardust in particular is often louded as difficult to sing. Baltimore Oriole is no exception. This tune took me about two months to nail down.

Below is the chart I used. This doesn’t include all of my modifications, but it will get you through.

Title: Baltimore Oriole
Artist: Hoagy Charmichael
Key: [Gm]
Author: Mark Eagleton

[Gm]Baltimore Oriole[Gm7]
[C]Took one [Cm6]look at that [Gm]mercury for[Gm7]ty be[C7]low[D]
[Gm]No [Cm]life for a lady[Cm7]
[F]To be [Ab7]dragging her [Gm]feathers a[Gm7]round in the [C7]snow[D][Gm]
[Cm]Leaving me [G]blue, [Eb]off she [F]flew
To the [Gm]Tangipa[D]ho [Gm]
Where a [C9]two-timing Jaybird [Cm7][Cm6] [Eb7]Met the di [C#dim]vine Miss O [D]

[D7]I'd like to ruffle his plumage
[Gm]Baltimore Oriole[Gm7]
[C]Messed a [Cm6]round with that [Gm]big mouth
Till [Gm7]he singed her [C7]wing[D][Gm]
[Cm]Forgiving is easy[Eb6][F]
It's a [Ab7]woman like, [Gm]now and then
[Gm7]Could happen [C7]thing

[Cm]Send her [G]back home
[Eb]Home ain't [F]home without [Gm6]her warbl[D]ing
[Bb]How she can sing
Make a [C9]lonely man [Am7]happy [Cm6]
[Eb7]Baltimore [C7]Or[D7]i[Gm]ole[Gm7][C9]
Come [Ebmaj7]down from that [Gm]bough[Gm7][C9]
Fly to your [Eb7]dad [D7]dy now[Gm6][Gm]