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TDK D90 cassette tape
This is the actual tape I recorded the show on. I wrote "Thrash" on it.

Pavement - Live in Studio A 1989

Lossless audio of Pavement’s first performance on December 14, 1989. This audio was recorded onto cassette tape from a KDVS 90.3 FM broadcast.

I recorded this show when I was 16 years old. This is the recording that made me a Pavement fan. I had no idea at the time this was their first preformance ever as a band.

Back in the 80s, DJs (or even the artists themselves) often played records during Live in Studio A (LISA) performances. This recording has 5 or so such tracks. I left them in the mix and did my best to identify them. If anyone knows the names of any of these unknown artists or tracks, drop me a line and I’ll update the files. The band can be heard tuning and noodling around during some of these tracks.

Track listing:

  1. Home
  2. Perfect Depth
  3. DJ Plays Unknown Artist Track
  4. She Believes
  5. DJ Plays Unknown Artist Track While Pavement Tunes
  6. Debris Slide
  7. DJ Plays Box Elder from Slay Tracks (1933–1969) 7" While Pavement Tunes
  8. Two States
  9. Maybe Maybe
  10. My Radio
  11. DJ Plays Leadfoot by Drunk Tank While Pavement Tunes
  12. You’re Killing Me
  13. DJ Plays Unknown Track
  14. Sponsor Break for The Beat
  15. DJ Plays Bad Blood by Royal Trux
  16. Pavement Intruduces Debaser (Live) by the Pixies

I missed the first song, Mellow Jazz Docent. You can download an MP3 recording of that (as well as the rest of the audio) from Elisa Hough’s website. Her recording of this track also has a Crawlspace tune at the end of it. (I don’t know the name of the Crawlspace tune, or which Crawlspace band it is.)