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  1. Lunar Eclipse October 8, 2014

    I shot about 110 photos of the lunar eclipse on my iPhone 5s through my 10" Newtonian telescope with a 30mm eyepiece this morning. I lasted until about 4 a.m., then crapped out. They are in this Flickr album.

  2. Watch As Mind Blowing Unfolds

    Watching Phil Plait blow Hank Green’s mind by explaining how we measure cosmic distances is just as rewarding as having Phil Plait blow your own mind. This is how astronomers—amateur or otherwise—are born, gentlepeople.

    What we know is amazing. How we know what we know is even more amazing, and now, seeing someone make the connection of how we know what we know; well, that is amazing too. Go humans!

  3. A view of the earth from the Hubble Space Telescope. Which I nearly broke.

    If you didn’t already just love astronaut Mike Massimino to death, he goes and writes something like this.

    The first thing I had to do was to remove a handrail from the telescope that was blocking the access panel. There were two screws on the top, and they came off easily. And there was one screw on the bottom right and that came out easily. The fourth screw is not moving. My tool is moving, but the screw is not. I look close and it’s stripped. And I realize that that handrail’s not coming off, which means I can’t get to the access panel with these 117 screws that I’ve been worrying about for five years, which means I can’t get to the power supply that failed, which means we’re not gonna be able to fix this instrument today, which means all these smart scientists can’t find life on other planets.

    And I’m to blame for this.

    It’s people like this that make me proud to be human.

  4. Just the BAFacts

    Phil Plait tweets cool astronomy facts with the hash tag #BAFacts on Twitter. Most of them link to detailed articles he has written on the subject. Last week he compiled all of his BAFacts for the year in a single post. Even if you have been reading the Bad Astronomy blog since it started in 1382, there is some amazing stuff in there for you to get lost in! I’ve been stuck in it for three days.