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iPhone SE

I am ecstatic about the new iPhone SE, and it has me sucking in all the tech blog junk like a twenty-year-old again.

Dr. Drang was particularly helpful. He likes the SE, but he doesn’t like, like it:

Yes, the 6S is a little harder to use one-handed than the 5S was, and I do occasionally wish I had a smaller box in my pocket, but unlike John Gruber, I know I don’t want to go back to a 4″ phone.

He goes on to list some “no, thank yous”—a couple of which I hadn’t considered. His list mostly doesn’t apply to me, so in retort, here is my list of “yes, pleases:”

  • A phone I can hold in my tiny mom hands1? Yes, please!
  • A phone I can use one-handed? Yes, please!
  • Having access to the lock screen from a button I can reach (the home button)? Yes, please!
  • No more force touch hijacking web links? Yes, please!
  • Five rows of apps (excluding the Dock) that I can actually reach instead one (even if I fill the top three rows with apps I don’t use, I still only get two reachable rows)? Yes, please!

I have tiny hands. I have no problem with a â…ž scale double bass, and I frequently use this as a counterpoint to those who are overly sensitive about ergonomics. However, after six months, I still can’t seem to adapt to this giant ass iPhone 6S. I really, really hate it, and have even considered going back to my 5S. I can’t bring myself to sacrifice the camera, though.

  1. My hands are exactly the same sizes as my mom’s hands.  â†©