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The BIG Reason

Music, opinions, and portfolio of Mark Eagleton, musician and web developer in Northern CA.


This is where I tell you what I really think. This website doesn’t support comments by design, that is what your blog is for!

  1. Playing Computer Part 1

    The first in a series of articles that will expose the ineptitude of the common working man when it comes to his dealings with the pinnacle of office appliances: The Personal Computer.

  2. Meisel MCT-7L, The Perfect Tuner!

    I've used Boss TU-12H tuners since I was in Jr. high school. They are very accurate, have a huge frequency range, a built in mic, and line-in and out to let you put it in your signal chain. Despite their light weight and seemingly flimsy plastic cases, they are surprisingly durable. I'm only on my second one in 15 years.

  3. Oscar Worthy Performance? Some and None.

    I saw Walk The Line this weekend with my sweetheart. It was pretty alright—about what I expected as far as performances and story line goes. Obviously, there was a lot of attention to detail paid to getting a good Johnny Cash out of Joaquin Phoenix, and I think it paid off. I also think I prefer Reese Witherspoon’s June Carter Cash to the actual one.

  4. Rockabilly Slap Bass Videos

    This post is specifically for John E. who is on his way to becoming one of Sacramento's premiere doghouse slappers. These quick little snippets helped me out a great deal when I was learning to slap.

  5. Dreamweaver Dumbass Edition

    Last weekend, the Adobe acquisition of Macromedia was completed. Its implications have been in the back of my mind since the announcements over the summer, some of which have already come to light.

    Last week I voiced my concern over what would become of my beloved Fireworks workflow, and raised a thought about Dreamweaver's shortcomings as a professional web development tool. Now that the proverbial shit is starting to hit the fan, I've had one or two more thoughts about these shortcomings, or more appropriately, inconsistencies with the rest of the Adobe CS suite, and how they might just be able to turn them around.

  6. Firefox: The Best Worst Browser Ever!

    It's widely accepted in the Internet world that Firefox is the end-all, be-all of web browsers. Now that Microsoft's long forsaken Internet Explorer is starting to show its age to more and more of the general internet using public, people are touting it as such in record numbers. Come with me; wont you, as I describe in detail the intricacies that make the best browser for Windows, one of the worst browsers for the Mac.

  7. Y Entonces Había Tres

    I bought a couple of drives the other day—of the super and hard varieties—for my aging Quicksilver G4 tower. They came in the mail UPS today. Pretty easy install, minus the stupid power cables of the existing drives that they seem to have welded into place for the purpose of maximizing finger pain upon removal.

  8. Rock Star Scabs

    I've been playing in moderately professional bands off and on for about thirteen years now. In that time I have seen the good, the bad and the ugly when it comes to how musicians are treated on the "Rock Star" circuit. I have also seen the good, the bad and the ugly in terms of how "rock stars" treat everyone else. This year, in particular, has been very enlightening.

  9. Too Buttoned Mouse

    Now that most of my friends are Mac people, we’ve struggled with finding a good computer argument to replace the Mac vs. PC controversy of yore. The browser war comes into play from time to time, as most of us are involved in web development to some degree. However, I think the lines are most evenly drawn over the two-button (or multi-button) mouse issue.