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My Congress Person Supports Net Neutrality, Too.

You know that letter I sent to my representative in July, urging her to support net neutrality? I sent one to John Garamendi, too. I heard back from him today in another encouraging canned message.

John Garamendi gets it:

I strongly oppose the FCC’s recent decision to roll back net neutrality protections, and I believe a free and open Internet is a critical component to an informed and prosperous society. The FCC has yet to issue a final ruling on the matter, and it is currently considering a record 9 million public comments on their recent vote. I am encouraged by the robust discussion and passion that has been fostered by the American people, and I stand with them in their fight to protect net neutrality and Title II protections.

I’m lucky to live in a state who’s values match my own. I still think it’s important to let your public officials know when something is important to you, even when you are just preaching to the choir.

I’m hoping to have the chance to hi-five Congressperson Garamendi at local farm event the Bottom Dwellers are playing later this month.