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The BIG Reason

Music, opinions, and portfolio of Mark Eagleton, musician and web developer in Northern CA.

Pardon This

A trend I have noticed trickling down from the executive world over the past few years is to include the following sentence in your email signature:

Please excuse any typos, sent from my iPhone.

Hmm… Please excuse my bluntness, but with all due respect, computers are pocket-sized now. It’s probably time to adapt.

If what you have to say to me is important enough for me to interpret correctly, it’s important enough for you to spell correctly—with proper punctuation.

An executive sending off an email from their mobile phone all willynilly has the potential to cause enough confusion to cripple or stop production completely. I see it happen a few times a week. The line of work that my colleagues and I are in requires a certain level of uninterrupted concentration to keep the momentum going. Breaking the flow to decrypt the meaning of a poorly written email or text message is a huge hinderance to productivity and work quality. In my professional world, meticulous care is put into every single thing we produce. Showing me anything less than the same level of excellence comes of as insulting.

This post was made from my iPhone. I gave the same consideration to word choice and punctuation that I do to blog posts I make from my desktop and notebook computers.