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Macron: The Missing HTML Entity

I don’t know why the Macron is always left out of the HTML entity lineup, but I use them a lot. Here is a reference in case you need to put a line over it.

CharacterUnicodeHTML Ā
ā U+0100
U+0101 Ā
ā Ä’
Ä“ U+0112
U+0113 Ē
ē Ī
Ä« U+012A
U+012B Ī
ī ÅŒ
ō U+014C
U+014D Ō
ō Ū
Å« U+016A
U+016B Ū
ū Ȳ
ȳ U+0232
U+0233 Ȳ
ȳ Ç¢
Ç£ U+01E2
U+01E3 Ǣ
ǣ Ḡ
ḡ U+1E20
U+1E21 Ḡ