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Libby Anne vs. AiG

I found this exchange between a former fundimentalist Christian and Answers in Genesis pretty riveting. Follow along in order for maximum enjoyment:

  1. Libby Anne, a former fundamentalist Christian, recently wrote a “Why I Am An Atheist” piece for Pharyngula, where she describes being raised on the Answers in Genesis program and how she came to accept the scientific consensus of evolutionary theory and reject Christian dogma: Why I Am An Atheist by Libby Anne
  2. An AiG researcher picked up on her story and made some remarks about it: Answers in Genesis and Libby’s Journey to Atheism by Dr. Georgia Purdom
  3. Then AiG Presedent/CEO, Ken Ham, threw in his 2¢: Need More Than Justy Exposure by Ken Ham
  4. Finally, Libby responded to them both: Rebuting Ken Ham’s Response by Libby Anne