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  1. M.e. - America, America

    America, America

    I wrote and recored this EP in August of 2000 as part of my album-a-month project. It features an unusual electric Thai string instrument my friend S.britt brought back from a trip to Thailand.

  2. Necromancy - Demo

    Necromancy demo cover from 1989

    Twenty five years ago, when I was but a budding, punk rock–obsessed bass player, Davis, California’s Necromancy was about the hottest ticket on the Yolo County scene—at least as far as I was concerned. I saw them just about every chance I got (which admitedly wasn’t too often. I was 15 years old, after all). I must have looped this 5/6 song demo a thousand times.

  3. M.e. - Hi Miss America

    America America album art

    A terrorist falls in love with Miss America. Unrequited love in the terror community ends with the destruction of a country. I wrote and recored this song in August of 2000. Any similarities to the events of 9/11 are purely freaky.

  4. M.e. - Safety and Manners

    Safety and Manners

    Good manners are how you show the people around you that you respect them. Ivan says that safety is a lethal version of manners. I think he has a good point, but they often overlap.

  5. M.e. - Say Goodnight

    Say Goodnight

    This song is about a stalker. I wrote it a very long time ago about my friend Jeannette who thought she was being stalked.