1. How to fade a gradient background image with CSS transitions

    Table of upcoming events

    In a recent project, I wanted to apply a CSS transition to the hover state of a table row and some menu items. The problem was that my hover state used a gradient background and I wanted the gradient to fade in and out. Background colors can be faded in, but background images can only be moved around. My solution was to fade in a background color and animate the position of the background image.

  2. Two Thousand Ten

    Many of my friends have said 2010 was a bad year for them. I can surly empathize. I’ve had my share of rough years; not 2010, though! I was fortunate to have had a very enjoyable one. Here are some highlights and maybe a little perspective.

  3. Retrieve The Auto Increment Value Of A MySQL Table

    Post to Twitter CMS widget

    I’m beefing up the “Tweet this” option in an event calendar CMS I’m working on for a friend, and I needed a quick way to determine the next Auto_increment value of my events table to provide a link to the event on the website. The query for this is totally easy:


    This query returns all kinds of useful information about the given table, including the current Auto_increment value. Learn more about how I applied my newly learned trick inside!

  4. Pastor Andy Flowers is mistaken about evolution

    The Tree Of Life

    In an opinion piece for the Daily Democrat, Pastor Andy Flowers for the Calvary Baptist Church argues that evolution by natural selection requires just as much faith in the unknown as his job as a Pastor. In it he sites some common creationist arguments against evolution that have been thoroughly addressed and dismantled over the past few centuries.

    This is pretty status quo for a Baptist Minister. Normally I wouldn’t pay much thought to an article like this in a local newspaper’s Faith column, but Mr. Flowers is grossly misinformed about one of the most basic tenants of biology, and he is teaching this misinformation in my community. I feel I need to at least put the truth out there for people to see it.

    Evolution through natural selection is a fact. There are proven, testable examples of it all around us. An endless supply of peer reviewed research supports it (as does the fossil record). Here I will address his main arguments, and offer some alternative reading to the Creation Answers Book that Pastor Flowers is offering for free.

  5. Google Calendars, iCal, and iPhone - The Definitive Guide

    iPhone CalDAV setup screen

    I have been pining for a definitive, stock solution for managing my calendars on my iPhone since I got my first iPhone. I have a combination of MobileMe and Google calendars that I use. I didn’t like the idea of having an unused calendar app on my phone, so rather than look for a third party app to manage calendaring, chose to suffer with having read-only calendars on my iPhone.

    No more! My boss found the mystery solution and passed it on to me, and I, in turn, am passing it on to you.

  6. Capo 1.1

    Capo screen shot

    I’m learning Dear Old Dixie for the new Pleasant Valley Boys album we’re cutting. Our schtick is authentic traditional bluegrass, so the recordings we’re pulling our arrangements from aren’t exactly the highest of fidelity. Capo by SuperMegaUltraGroovie has come in quite handy.

  7. Die Antwoord

    Die Antwoord

    My buddy Scott turned me onto Die Antwoord a few days ago. I wound up with an advance of their forthcoming album, “$0$” and can’t stop listening to it. I haven’t been this completely blown away by an album in quite a long time. Maybe a decade.