1. How To Hide Any or All CSS From Any or All Versions of Internet Explorer

    Hiding styles from Internet Explorer

    Boy have I had a fun day with Internet Explorer 8! Faruk Ateş has too. He posted a comprehensive piece about IE 8’s X-UA-Compatible header mechanic. I got down to the paragraph on the blacklist and quickly paused my reading to figure out the necessary IE conditional comment syntax to hide style sheets from all versions of Microsoft Internet Explorer. Come inside. I will share.

  2. Internet Explorer 8 display:inline li Bug

    I’ve been going through a bunch of websites that I maintain in the newly released IE 8, and I stumbled uppon a inconsistently documented bug with the line item element. This is a brief summary of my findings. 

  3. A Few Cool Things About Woodland

    Dustin Pedroia

    Dustin Pedroia, second basemen for the Boston Red Sox, and one-time Woodland resident was quoted in Boston Magazine with a few negative remarks about my home town. I don’t follow sports myself, but I’m told he is sort of a big deal in the baseball world, and people in town look up to him with pride ... well, that is until now. 

  4. Are You Threatening Me

    A flyer from the Church of God of Prophesy

    Ella brought this flyer in to me saying it was jammed in the screen door. Upon first glance, I thought it was a flyer for a death metal show at the Stag or something. Then I realized it was just the church down the street threatening us with torture and mutilation.

  5. Off The Ground

    BKWLD through the glass

    I’m officially leaving BKWLD for ground(ctrl). Bitter. Sweet. The building is only one block from my bus stop, and I’ll have a window, but I’ll miss my fancy digs in the BKWLD bldg, and my friends and projects I’m leaving behind.

  6. Confessions of A Movie Hater

    Most people claim to love movies, and a large majority of them admit to some sort of love/hate or love/love infatuation with the Academy awards. I never considered myself a movie hater, but given the rampant obsession most folks seem to have with the medium that I don’t share, there can only be one explanation.

  7. Why I Don’t Webmail

    I’ve never liked webmail. I’ve always looked at it as a hack to get around the rules of your over-bearing corporate IT department. Many of my friends consider Gmail’s web interface to be the ultimate email application. While I do applaud Google’s innovation, I prefer Apple Mail. This is why.

  8. Bass Hero

    Hot Club of Cowtown at The Palms Jan 24, 2009

    The Hot Club of Cowtown played The Palms last night, and I got to go! It was my first time. Their bass player, Jake Erwin, is the closest thing someone like me has to a guitar hero. I got a rare chance to talk to him about his set-up and was slightly jarred by what he had to say.