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  1. The Real Advantage to Non-disclosure Email Signatures

    I made myself a canned response to long-winded email messages with multiple recipients that contain one or more non-disclosure email signatures. In the name of efficient communication, I encourage you to copy, modify and reuse this message liberally.

  2. How to fade a gradient background image with CSS transitions

    Table of upcoming events

    In a recent project, I wanted to apply a CSS transition to the hover state of a table row and some menu items. The problem was that my hover state used a gradient background and I wanted the gradient to fade in and out. Background colors can be faded in, but background images can only be moved around. My solution was to fade in a background color and animate the position of the background image.

  3. Two Thousand Ten

    Many of my friends have said 2010 was a bad year for them. I can surly empathize. I’ve had my share of rough years; not 2010, though! I was fortunate to have had a very enjoyable one. Here are some highlights and maybe a little perspective.