1. Set Lists and Recipes

    I have taken pride in my paperless workflow for over six years. When I say paperless, I also mean CD/DVD less as well. I simply don’t print and don’t burn. That is until last night. My wife bought a fricken laser printer (the kind with a fricken laser) on a whim at BestBuy.

  2. Another Decade, Another Dollar

    Eagletons circa 2000 and 2009

    I’m not really one to think more than a week or so into the past or future — I’m mostly a today guy — but since we are at the turn of another decade, I thought I would take a second to reflect. You know what, a lot can happen in 10 years.

  3. Bass Wish List

    I’ve been saving up for a new bass for nearly three years now. During that time the economy tanked and I noticed a marked increase in prices from the luthiers I had been keeping my eye on. My budget has now caught up to modern times and an instrument just popped up on my radar that has given my that tingly feeling.

  4. Wasted Youth

    Wasted Youth

    Another cool band photo from the the early 80s. This band played a big roll in my coming-of-age soundtrack.

  5. Grievous Bodily Harm

    GBH on a rooftop

    I recently stumbled upon this classic photo of GBH. I was a huge fan of their music in my punk days. Actually, I still am, although I haven’t purchased an album since 1987 or so.

  6. Some TextMate Snippets

    For all you TextMate web developer people, I’ve rounded up some of my more useful CSS snippets, with a few handy snippets for proper quotes and apostrophes thrown in for good measure.

  7. Why Google Wave IS Conceptually Simple

    Last week, Google announced Wave, their new big idea in internet communication at their annual I/O developer’s conference. This project is absolutely impressive and has the potential to really improve the way we communicate and collaborate on the web, it’s just hard to tell, because the of the very long and very boring video Google is using to promote it.

  8. How To Hide Any or All CSS From Any or All Versions of Internet Explorer

    Hiding styles from Internet Explorer

    Boy have I had a fun day with Internet Explorer 8! Faruk Ateş has too. He posted a comprehensive piece about IE 8’s X-UA-Compatible header mechanic. I got down to the paragraph on the blacklist and quickly paused my reading to figure out the necessary IE conditional comment syntax to hide style sheets from all versions of Microsoft Internet Explorer. Come inside. I will share.