1. Please, Please Don’t Call

    The ability to purchase goods online may be the single most important technological advancement of the 20th century as far as people like me are concerned—that is people who suffer from social anxiety. This anxiety frequently (if not always) extends to the telephone, and for me is further complicated by misophonia. I have recently run into impasses with two online orders that required me to contact a sales representative by telephone to proceed with my order. In both cases, I abandoned the order.

  2. We Need To Talk About Your Periods

    I have noticed a disturbing trend of incorrectly including a space between the last word of a sentence and its closing punctuation. This punctuation mark is then proceeded by another space—which is correct—before the capital (sometimes) letter of the word that begins the next sentence.

  3. Are flashing bike lights legal in California?

    bike light on handlebars

    On my ride home from work the other day, I passed a disheveled looking man on a bicycle (riding on the against-traffic side on the sidewalk1, at dusk, without a light, a helmet, or proper reflectors). As I passed him, he remarked about my flashing white light, “Those flashing lights are illegal!”

  4. Cyclists: STOP!

    I ride to and from work twice every day, and rarely do I ever see another cyclist riding on the right side of the street. In fact, I rarely see them on the street at all. Most opt for the excessively dangerous sidewalk. The thrill of encountering cars as they back out of driveways, or pedestrians as they leave their homes must be a huge adrenaline rush.

    But that’s the subject of another gripe. In the 20 months I have been bike commuting, I think I can count on one hand the number of cyclists I have seen stop at a stop sign.

  5. Olivia 1998 – 2013

    The last photo of Olivia and I

    We lost our Olivia three Fridays ago just after 1 a.m.. She was definitely getting on in years, and really starting show her age over the past few months. She had developed some pretty severe cataracts, and was almost completely deaf. But she was happy.