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  1. New Music Tuesday: OLYS, Maps

    OYLS Maps single cover

    Every week I try to find something new and interesting that is also a bit outside my wheel house. (Obviously, some weeks are more of a struggle than others.) I was tipped of to OLYS new single last week, and found myself spinning it quite a bit. As wheelhouses go, this fits fairly snuggly outside of mine.

  2. New Music Tuesday: HECK, Instructions

    Instructions album cover

    I have to apologize, I’ve been sitting on this one for a few weeks. But you know what? This amazing Instructions record I found those few weeks ago has been in regular rotation in my iTunes. Actually, loop is probably a more appropriate word. It is so good that it has eclipsed all new releases for me for the past two weeks!

  3. New Music Tuesday: Drug Cabin, Wiggle Room

    Drug Cabin Wiggle Room album cover

    My wife found this record over the weekend. She has a keen eye for wicked shit. I’m not sure how she stumbled upon this one, but I lit up as soon as she did. Drug Cabin’s Wiggle Room is like Ween made a whole record of all psychedelic songs. I consider myself pretty much the biggest Ween fan there is, so this is really saying something. The best part is that this is actually their second album this year, so it’s like Ween made two records of all psychedelic songs!

  4. New Music Tuesday: Beach House, Thank Your Lucky Stars

    Thank Your Lucky Stars album cover

    Thank Your Lucky Stars is the second album this year from shoe-gazer duo, Beach House. Do people call it shoe-gazer music anymore? I always thought that was stupid. Regardless, their previous album, Depression Cherry, was released just a few months ago. Both records were recorded at the same time. While I do find this to be a pretty bad ass feat, I’m not going to go into comparisons here. I’ll let this one stand on its own.