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  1. I Deleted My Facebook Account

    Mark Eagleton Business Cards

    I joined Facebook back in 2006 when it first opened to the general public. I did this mostly because I was involved in building a social network platform to help artists, record labels, and management companies take their web presence back from MySpace. Fast-forward 11 years: I’m focusing more on my own music, Facebook is the new MySpace, and here I am trying to take back ownership of my web presence from them.

  2. Battle for the Net

    Save the internet

    Net neutrality is good. It means all websites on the internet get the same bandwidth. loads as fast as The new FCC Chairman plans to overturn regulations that keep the internet neutral and allow internet providers (telecoms ie. Comcast, Charter, AT&T, Verizon, etc.) to charge more money for increased bandwidth. It also has some very ominous implications for free speech.

  3. Libby Anne vs. AiG

    I found this exchange between a former fundimentalist Christian and Answers in Genesis pretty riveting. Follow along in order for maximum enjoyment:

  4. Jerry Coyne vs. Neil deGrasse Tyson

    I love a good mash-up! When two or more of your favorite things collide, there is amazing potential for awesome. In this case, two of my favorite scientists/science advocates mildly butt heads on the topic of science and religion.

  5. Lent

    Rather than give up something frivolous for the sake of paying tribute to an extremely self destructive act performed thousands of years ago by a person who claimed to be an omnipotent sky monster, why not take on something useful instead?