1. Stock U-Lock Mounts Can Ride Side Saddle

    Frame real estate is very limited. On the surface, it may look like your options for mounting your u-lock with the bracket it came with are too. Here’s a pro-tip for mounting your u-lock you may have missed.

  2. Red Light Runner Pro-Tip

    Arial photo of two intersections prone to red light runners in Woodland, CA

    Minutes ago, I nearly bought the farm from a red light runner. I see them frequently, and always keep my eyes open. What didn’t “click” for me until today was that when one vehicle runs a light, the chances of a second coming from the same direction are very high.

  3. Loudness Is Not A Factor For Misophonia Trigger Sounds

    Selective Sounds Sensitivity Syndrome awareness bracelet

    The Newcastle Paper is really riding the news cycle. Pretty much every post to /r/misophonia this past week has been an article about the study. That is awesome! However, I feel I need to point out a common misconception I see repeated in many of these articles—especially by those who suffer from Misophonia: that loudness is a factor for trigger sounds. It is not, and I think saying otherwise can cause avoidable hardships down the line.