1. Thanks For Ruining My Day

    I installed Leopard on my MacBook today. It took two hours to make a full clone my hard drive. It took two hours to run the upgrade. It took two hours for me to realize there was no way in hell I was going to get MySQL running today. I estimate two hours for my Tiger restore to complete.

  2. Leopard Math

    Do two 800 MHz PowerPC processors count collectively against a single 867 MHz PowerPC system requirement? In Mac OS X 10.5 Leopard, 800*2 != 1600.

  3. Google Teases Folks With IMAP

    We have our business email routed through Google's Gmail with their Google Apps for businesses. I hate Gmail quite a bit. Besides its interface (which I find to be atrociously cumbersome and staggeringly unintuitive), I'm one of those people who likes managing all of my email accounts in a stand-alone email application from multiple computers and my phone. IMAP is the ideal protocol for this, but Gmail only allows POP access. This means that you have to separately download every message to every device you need to view it on ... separately. Even the threads of messages you have already deleted from your other computers and devices.

  4. Pinkish

    A portion of visitors to blog.bigreason may notice a pinkish hue to things around here. Your eyes do not deceive you. There is a hue. A girlish hue. This is intentional, for I love girls, and October. And pink, after all, is the color of October — or at least the color of breast cancer awareness. And October is breast cancer awareness month.

  5. Dear Anti-healthcare Folks

    13% of my annual income goes to providing health insurance to my family. This doesn't include the money I pay to cover the portion of medical services my insurance doesn't cover. Last year these costs exceeded $3,000. For those keeping track, medical costs for my family exceeded 18% of my annual income last year.

  6. Geo Tagging

    I actually finished something today at work, so I treated myself to a flickr Pro account and geo-tagged a bunch of photos in my account. Let me tell ya, Renfro Hole weren't too easy to find...

  7. Another Thing I Hate About Flying

    I don't believe I've ever mentioned this on The Big Reason, but to those who know me personally, it's no secret that I hate to fly. I would venture to say that I probably hate it more than most people do. I detest every last thing about it with every fiber of my being. I would have to say that the thing I hate most is the ungodly force of terror that gores its way through my body as a result of being blasted through the sky at such an unreasonable altitude.

  8. Eye-tracking results are in ... Banners arent effective

    A new Jacob Nielson article reveals eye-tracking results for recent banner ad studies. As should be expected, there is some really valuable stuff in there. Obviously banner ads do work. People actually do click them. MySpace wouldn't have sold for $580 million if they didn't work. The real issue is that banner ads aren't for simply looking at. The are for taking you somewhere else. You don't spend as much time looking at something you are clicking as you do looking at something you are reading, just like you tend to spend more time sitting on the couch than you do walking through a doorway.