1. Gambling with Fire

    Smoke alarm batteries always fail at night. Even if you play by the rules and change your batteries at the beginning or end of daylight savings time, non-direct wire alarms often fail before the year is up. All we ask is for a reasonable notification when it is time to change our batteries. A pleasant chime, a sexy voice, a cute icon, a reasonable hour ... it’s time for a redesign. I decided to use the 30 to 40 minute intervals between the chirps of my failing alarm batteries this very early morning to bring it up with customer service.

  2. And We’re Back

    I’m finally WordPress free! thebigreason is now unified and powered by a 100% custom blogging engine. My blog, my portfolio and my music now live in the same place, and there is plenty of room left over for anything else I want to put here as well

  3. Down

    After upgrading to WordPress 2.5, my blog's admin area has become mostly unusable. There will continue to be lul in new posts as I move to a custom publishing system. WordPress has regularly disappointed me for years. The fact that I stuck with it for this long is a testament to my laziness. 

  4. Wasted Youth

    When I was 14, I got really into Wasted Youth. The band ... The English band from the UK, not the hardcore band from LA. They're kind of obscure. So obscure, in fact, that iTunes,,, and Last.FM, can't seem to tell the difference between them. 

  5. The Difference Between Same-sex Marriage And Gay Marriage

    In the United States, gays and straits currently have the same restrictions to marriage. Neither can marry their same sex, both can marry the opposite. What your actual preference is, is arbitrary.  Let’s stop arguing for a second and think about the logistics before we dive in. 

  6. Google Calendar Infinite Loop Solved

    I haven't been able to access my Google Calendar in Safari for nearly two months. I probably spent about 20 to 40 minutes a week over the past few months trying to track down the cause or a fix. Today I finally found the solution in the Google Calendar Help Group. It was posted on January 29th of this year. I don't know why it took me so long to find. I looked pretty hard.

  7. Thoughts On Hockenberrys Thoughts On Downloads

    Craig Hockenberry with one of the most concise and accurate analogies of the current state of the recorded music industry:

    [...] the best thing for business is to make sure you have the best product available. That’s both the beauty and the challenge of any “try before you buy” system. Good products win, bad products are quickly forgotten. I suspect that the root of the music industry’s problem is this: they have been able to produce sub-standard product for many years. I know there are many albums in my collection that consist of few great tracks along with a bunch of crap that I’d rather not listen to.