1. Deep Down I Know Hes Right

    Zeldman on version targeting:

    • With version targeting, IE stays on the path of web standards.
    • Without it, ineptly made websites “break,” putting IE’s standards compliance at risk.
    • If IE were to stop supporting standards, standards would stop working.
  2. The Numbers

    The following is an example of how poor bar gigs can be for bands to play. What I have done here is calculated my portion of the expenses and share of the compensation for a recent Bottom Dwellers bar gig. It was our poorest bar gig to date.

  3. My Trip to Macworld 2008

    My buddy Ivan and I ditched out on work at the last minuted yesterday and tooted down to San Francisco for Macworld. We missed out last year. Both of us had started new jobs and were wary of bringing up the subject of a frivolous day off to our employers. That was completely lame, though. Since both of us actually use, and make/help make purchasing recommendations for just the kinds of things they hock at Macworld, there is an actual professional benefit to us going. So we did, and these are my impressions of the things we saw.

  4. Octocore!

    After ditching out on work yesterday, I came in to find my desk all rearranged ...

  5. Update xScope Please

    I can't live without xScope. I use it every single day. It greatly increases my productivity and it is a pleasure to use. It does everything I want it to do, and there isn't anything that I wish it did that it currently doesn't.

  6. Farewell Old Friend, Hello New Hotness

    Hoorah! I finally brought my household into the 21st century. A brand new shiny iMac is blazing bright in the corner of our living room. It replaces a dual 800MHz PowerMac G4 Qucksilver that was the super hotness back in 1999 or something.

  7. High Maintainance Fun

    I've been waiting two years to justify the purchase of an XBox 360, and justice finally came last Wednesday. Most of my friends have been killing each other on XBox live for years, and have urged me to jump on the band wagon at nearly every opportunity. Being the only breadwinner in a four-person family, it just wasn't an easy thing to work in. But a year of working multiple jobs has paid off ... almost.

  8. A Plead To The Web Design Community

    Today is November 29th, 2007. 2,285 days (well over 6 years) have passed since Microsoft released Internet Explorer 6 (IE6), and it is still one of the most widely used browsers on the internet today.